Ivo v3.1

New Features

  • There are now dedicated complaints/compliments functions (that is, complaints/compliments made by your clients in relation to your organisation);

File Notes

  • Preview text can now be enabled/disabled permanently by going to the 'Help and Support' tab and changing the option in the 'File Notes Settings' section;
  • When attaching files Ivo will display a message if the file is open by another program/user and therefore can't be attached;
  • The date/time column in file note lists has been set to a fixed width to ensure the time is always visible;
  • The display order has been fixed to be in correct descending order;
  • On the 'New File Note' form, you can now view other advocates' client list making it easier to record a file note for someone else's client;
  • You can now attach files to inquiries;

Check Data

  • The check data function has evolved considerably and now checks for many more possible issues with records
  • Allows easy reviewing and updating of the 'Workload score' for all current Advocacy issues;
  • Please Note: Your organisation can now choose to have the check data function run automatically at regular intervals;


  • If enabled by your organisation, Ivo can now email system information directly to 1024 (eg. error messages);
  • You can now deselect a stat by right-clicking it (this is useful for 'single choice only' stats);
  • The client summary report has been updated to display contact relationship information;
  • The Queries function has been updated to improve usability - NOTE: you now need to double-click a query in order to execute it;

Many more minor improvements and bug fixes that would create too much reading to list them all here!

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