Ivo v3.2

New Feature - Surveys!

To turn the survey option on -

  • Go to the Ivo Administration screen;
  • Under 'General Settings' - 'Create New Item Buttons', change 'Survey' to 'Yes';

Please contact us if you require assistance configuring the surveys for use.

Security/Ivo Administration

  • A new setting that can be switched on to force staff to use a password;
  • A new setting has been introduced to only allow Systemic Issue records to be created by Ivo Administrators, and staff who have been given specific permission (click here for instructions)

  • Complete overhaul of the way the HACC MDS submission is generated;
  • Improvements to reports for less memory use and more stability. Large reports (eg. NDAP, NACAP) now display incremental progress;

Check Data

  • Checks for records that don't have a file note, or haven't had a file note for more than 30 days;
  • You can now specify specific problems to check for;
  • You can now edit the entire entity and activity records directly from the Check Data screen;

Many minor improvements and bug fixes that would create too much reading to list them all here!

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