Ivo v3.5


  • Queries now support default values for parameters (including dynamic values like "First Day Of Last Month") - if you run queries a lot, this can be a great time saver. Please contact us if you feel you could benefit from this feature;
  • The NACAP and NDAP reports now support multiple funding sources;
  • The NDAP report now counts "first in period" for LGAs, and provides a complete description of this issue;

Manage Clients

  • Significant speed improvement when selecting a client on the "Manage Clients" screen for organisations with large Ivo databases;
  • You can now record if a client is deceased. On the "Manage Clients" screen, simply click the client's name at the top of the screen and choose the "Client Deceased" option. (Note, the "Date Deceased" is not mandatory);
  • There is now a "Client Synopsis" field where you can record an overview of the client. NOTE: This field is not for recording the usual file notes.

File Notes

  • You can no longer delete file notes created by someone else;
  • When entering file notes, Ivo now checks the hours entered and displays specific warnings if the value is over 4, or over 24, hours;

Check Data - Workload

  • Can now be printed;
  • Includes a column for the total hours in the last 14 days;


  • The size of some text elements can now be easily adjusted using the 'Up' and 'Down' arrows in the top-left corner of the Ivo screen;
  • Client lists can be set to appear in 'FamilyName, GivenName' format;

Many, many minor improvements and bug fixes! Hopefully you'll notice some as you go along :-)

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