Ivo v3.7

New Feature - Auditor access

  • Enables auditors to view de-identified client records drawn from specific criteria;
  • The audtior cannot change any data;
  • Key personal data, such as the client's full name and contact information, is removed;

New Feature - Client Risk Assessment Tool

  • Has been designed to manage the process of assessing risk posed by clients to staff. However, it has the potential to be used in other ways as well;
  • You can use your own set of questions/answers from your risk assessment process;
  • You can record notes and add attachments to the risk assessment;

New Feature - Membership

  • Membership of your organisation can now be recorded

New Feature - File Note Categories

  • Enables categorisation of file notes.  For example, you might have categories such as "Administration", "Travel Time", "On-site Visit", "Advocacy Plan" etc.
  • File notes can be filtered by category, so if you want to view all "On-site Visit" file notes, it is only a couple of clicks to do so.
  • More importantly, queries can be written to make use of the categories.  That is, we could write a query for you that could show all time spent by staff in a chosen period of time, broken down by the different categories.

New Feature - Victorian HACC MDS format is now supported

File notes

  • Attachments are now shown as child rows for easy viewing and opening. Double click an attachment row to open it.
  • Preview text handling has been changed to only show first two lines. This prevents the big yellow 'tooltip' from taking over your screen when viewing big file notes.
  • However, you can now view a file note in the new panel on right-hand side, without having to open it in a separate window
  • File note search field. Type text to search for and then press the Enter key. All file notes containg the test will be displayed. To revert, just remove the text from the search field.
  • There are now visual indicators for file notes with attachments on the Journal/Calendar and when a file note is open.
  • A setting to control the display order of file notes is now present. The settings are 'Oldest to Newest', or 'Newest to Oldest'.
  • The 'Recover File Note' function on the summary screen has been significantly enhanced. More data from the file note is saved and recovered, and rather than 'copying and pasting' the recovered note, you are now taken directly to a new file note screen and all recovered data is automatically inputted. This includes date, time, duration, client etc (assuming those had been recorded at the time of failure).

HACC Reporting

  • HACC functions have been overhauled and are now significantly improved, with much more functionality for checking and fixing HACC data to ensure it is correct
  • In particular, there is now a HACC tab on the Manage Clients form
  • Improvements to HACC report generation procedures
  • consistency in display of HACC data between Manage Clients, HACC MDS, and HACC MDS Export screens

New Client Fields

  • Country
  • Language
  • Cultural Background
  • Indigenous Status

These fields must be explicitly 'switched on' to be used. Please contact 1024 if you wish to utilise these fields.

Other Improvements

  • Calendar - A right-click context menu with options for 'Edit Activity', 'Edit Entity' and 'Edit File Note'.
  • Inquiries and education sessions are now better handled so they can be edited after being created
  • A New 'Activity Code' field has been added, for you to record your own code for a client's records.

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