Ivo v3.8

New Feature - Consent/Privacy

You can use this new feature to set your own questions/answers relating to consent and privacy, enabling you to match your own organisation's processes.  If you would like this function enabled in your organisation, please create a new support ticket.

Contact Details

The "Contacts and Details" component contains some new options on the right-click context menu, such as "Open Entity", "Copy", "Send Email".

Please note, the "Send email" option will only work if you use an email client like Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird etc.  It will not work if you access your email through a web browser.

File Notes

File notes can now be grouped by Category, and there is a new "Save these settings".  Once you have the file notes displaying exactly how you like them (with/without preview text; grouping by month or category, or no grouping at all; etc), simply click this option and your file notes will be displayed that way from then on.

Merge Entities
  • Much better and clearer layout, with a detailed "instructions page"


  • Better navigation of saved notes
  • More useful layout
  • Toolbar buttons and right-click context menu note functions
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