Ivo v3.10

Department of Social Services Data Exchange (DEX)

The DSS DEX is a relatively new form of reporting for advocacy agencies and we are seeing it being adopted across various funding programs.  The CHSP and NDIS Appeals programs are already using it and it is expected that NDAP and NACAP will follow from 1-July-2017.

Ivo is now able to collect and report DEX data for all advocacy programs (CHSP, NDAP, NACAP). A fairly minor update is still required to support the NDIS Appeals program and we expect to complete this by the end of this February.


New Activity Type - Support Coordination (NDIS)

We have added 'Support Coordination' as a new 'activity' in Ivo. This activity is for managing support coordination for NDIS clients and over time we will be adding additional functions to alert you when a client's support is close to running out or expiring, and for rolling over to a new support plan when one is received.

New 'Quick Search' field

The search field at the top-left of the Manage Clients screen has been significantly updated. It now searches all parts of a name. For example, in this example, all names containing 'er' somewhere in the name are shown -


Additionally, all the fields that you can see in the results are searched. That is, it searches the Also Known As, Entity ID, Client Code and Date of Birth fields.

More information can be found here.

Significantly improved 'Check for Update' function

  • Provides fuller descriptions of changes.
  • Provides clearer instructions for installing updates and prevents download of the update if Ivo is still in use.
  • Lists all changes between the version you have and the version available, even if there have been multiple updates between the two.
  • Automatically checks for new updates while Ivo is loading. This occurs every day by default, but the frequency can be changed within Ivo.
  • Ability to 'skip' an update, meaning you won't be alerted again until the next update is available.
  • Can still be run manually from administration tab.
  • There is now an option to check for an update without needing to open and login to Ivo (useful for IT Providers).

More information can be found here.

Accept Intake/Waiting List records without creating related record

Intake/Waiting List records can now be accepted without creating a related activity record such as a Client Advocacy Issue.

This is beneficial if you are using Ivo to manage the intake process in your organisation, but use a different system to manage the service provided to the client once they have been accepted.


Please note, this function needs to be explicitly turned on for each funding source that it applies to.

Updated Vic DHS report

The Victorian DHS QDC report has been updated to allow inclusion of inquiries in advocacy support values.  This option is switched off by default.

Updated NACAP report

The NACAP report has been updated to reflect the most recently released format.  Please note it is our understanding that NACAP will be moving to the DSS Dex data collection in the future and Ivo is able to collect and report this data when that time comes.

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