2017 - December

Department of Social Services Data Exchange (DEX)

NDAP support is now mostly complete.  

However there are some areas that haven't been completed, such as systemic advocacy and handling inquiries because there is no technical information available as to how it should be dealt with. (Information about handling inquiries was only recently provided, and that was only as a memo to funded organisations; it has not been made available in the official documentation). These will be included in a near-future update.

Selecting a client's Location for DEX purposes has been made much simpler -

  • as always, you can set a client's location at any time by clicking the 'Location' link

  • however, if no location is set for a client, then Ivo will look for a 'primary' address and will use that if found. If a 'primary' address isn't found, then Ivo will check if the client has just a single address listed and if so will use that. In both cases, a 'Confirm' link is shown -


    It is done this way because the address found may not be the client's actual address. That is, often an address listed under a client is for another family member or contact, or a PO Box for example, as shown here. Therefore Ivo asks you to confirm the address before it commits it to the DSS DEX Location setting.

  • if manually selecting a location, you can simply click on an address in the contact details and it will be selected in the dropdown list (if it is a valid combination)


Adding Staff to Ivo

You can now add staff to Ivo even if you don't have enough licenses - details are automatically sent to 1024 and we will invoice you if applicable -


There are also staff role, site and team fields. These are particularly beneficial for larger organisations, providing new ways to query data. For example, you could have a query that shows all client records for a particular team or site.


Force Ivo to Close

This is a new function for Ivo administrators to force Ivo to close for all users. For example, if you wish to upgrade Ivo but someone has left Ivo open while they are out of the office, you can use this function to force Ivo to close. 

If you change your mind, you can cancel the process.


Note, this function cannot force Ivo to close where it is running in a disconnected remote session - as always, please ensure staff always close Ivo when they have finished working in a remote session

Leaving Ivo running in disconnected remote sessions has the potential to cause problems with the Ivo data file and inhibits our ability to provide support, perform maintenance and install updates.

Changes to Editing Contacts

Editing contacts has received some changes to make it quicker and clearer -



When adding a new address, the town/state/postcode combination is chosen from a dropdown list -


The display of contact information has also changed -


'Primary' contact information is prefixed with an asterisk (*) and coloured blue.

Addresses with an invalid town/state/postcode combination are coloured red.