2018 - April

NDIS Appeals - 30-Apr-2018 Report

New functions have been added to meet the urgent requirements of NDAP/NDIS Appeals funded organisations. Please see this article for additional information and screenshots. 

No More Errors When Exiting Ivo

This release has been primarily focussed on resolving issues and bugs in Ivo. In particular, the errors that have been regularly experienced when closing Ivo -

These have proven very difficult to find the cause of. The problem was eventually found to be with a third-party component used in the development of Ivo. That component has now been replaced with an alternative and the errors no longer occur.

Query Tools are clearer and easier to access

When running queries, the tools for manipulating the results of the query are all now accessible from the ribbon toolbar -

Use Up/Down/Enter keys to select an entity in the 'Find Entity' component

When using the 'Find Entity' component that was introduced in v3.11, you can now use the 'Up', 'Down', and 'Enter' keys to select an entity instead of reaching for the mouse -

This also works to select a Town/State/Post Code when adding a contact address, or choosing a DEX/HACC 'Location'.

Function to 'Force Close Ivo'

This function is useful in certain situations, such as when you want to update Ivo but staff are using it. This will force Ivo to close, even if the user isn't present. A 5-minute countdown is given.

Note, this function cannot close instances of Ivo running in 'disconnected' remote sessions on a remote access server.

'Options' Fixed

Due to various changes that have been made over time, bugs had crept into the 'Options' functions. These have now all been tested and fixed. Additional labels have been added to the menu to clarify what type of record each option is for, and wording has been changed for some of the options to make their purpose clearer -

Additional Changes

  • Added significant logging capabilities to track down bugs

  • Fixed issue where Ivo didn't close correctly after executing an upgrade

  • Significant reduction in memory use, resulting in better and more robust performance. Even though this appears here as a single line, a lot of work went into this!

  • Fixes to DEX functions to include Intake/Waiting List records, and Citizen Advocacy records in all functions

  • Only the activity types that are enabled will be displayed in dropdown lists, preventing incorrect selections from being made

  • Only the reports for programs you are funded for will be displayed on the reports screen

  • Ivo now remembers the width of the navigation panel on the most common screens - Manage Clients, Manage Activities, Queries (others will be updated over time)