Ivo v3.14

Under Construction - v3.14 is due to be released mid Oct-2018

1. Improved contacts

The Contacts component now also displays the contact for all current activity records. This provides a single unified location that you can view all contacts for a client.  Previously you needed to go to each individual activity records to view its contacts.

remember settings to control

remember new context menu options

Note: You now need to use the right-click context menu to add a new contact (either for the entity, or for any of the activity records.

See item 3 below for how to change the setting related to this new option.  You can choose to turn it off altogether and revert to the old way of viewing contacts, or you can additionally choose to view contacts for closed records as well.

2. Stats - now see the whole list of stats for easier navigation

remember settings to control

3. New Settings for Contacts and Stats

4. Name of the data file shown in the title bar

Some organisations have multiple Ivo data files. This might be for archived Ivo data, or a test database for training purposes.

If you have multiple data files, the login screen will display a "Open other data file" link -

Additionally, the name of the data file you are connected to is displayed in the title bar of the login screen and the main Ivo window. This allows you to be certain of which data file you are currently connected to.

5. Speed Improvements

Check data screen now opens much faster

Calendar loads much faster

DEX report much faster

These improvements will mostly be noticed by larger organisations.

6. View past file note edits

As you would be aware, whenever a file note is edited, Ivo creates an archive copy of the original. Up till now the past edits could only be accessed by 1024.  However, Ivo now displays an indicator if a file note has past edits, and how many -

By default, only Ivo administrators can view past edits.  This is done by holding the Shift key and then double-clicking the file note.

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