What's New in Ivo - Jun 2019

(In development - due to be released early June 2019)

Summary screen dashboard

Ivo can now present customised queries on the summary screen.  The queries can be customised for each staff member.  For example, when logging-in to Ivo advocates could be presented with a list of clients that haven't had a file note for more than x weeks, while a manager could be presented with an overview of advocate workload -

Phase 2 of the new dashboard function is to look at adding chart/graph functions.


The ability to restrict access to Ivo data by "Funding Source" or "Activity Type".  That is, you will be able to specify that only certain staff can access the data of clients receiving a particular type of support.

Work History tab

When you access staff records from the "Manage Clients" screen you now get a "Work History" tab for that staff member which displays all their clients.  The ability to see this tab is controllable at a per staff level.  This makes it extremely easy to view the workload of an advocate (eg. if they have left or are on leave) -

File Notes

An "All File Notes" tab has been added to the "Manage Clients" screen.  It enables you to view all file notes for all activities for a client in the one place -

Alternate file notes in the list are coloured differently for clear distinction (the colour can be customised). 


The "Contacts" section now contains an "is a contact for" section which shows the entities for whom the currently selected entity is a contact for.  It this example -

Can now edit contact relationships


Key fields added to check data function, and now mandatory when closing advocacy issues

Option to process 'bad' advocacy records as anonymous inquiries


The Victorian QDC report has been updated to new requirements.

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