Oct 2019

Work in progress.  The next update to Ivo is due in October 2019, however an interim release has been provided in September 2019 with the following changes -

  • DEX country, language, and indigenous status fields now mandatory by default
  • VicDHS report fully updated to latest requirements
  • Intake/WLR list now displayed in date, region, or funding order (can be switched off - see new settings)
  • Find entities function now searches contact details (phone numbers, email addresses, addresses etc)
  • Added Ancestry field (AMR)
  • Stats - team and status filters
  • Bugs resolved
    • All file notes
      • bug using the text filter option
      • if viewing a client that has file notes and then switch to client that doesn't have any, the list doesn't get refreshed and still displays the first client's file notes, leading to confusion

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