2020 - January

PLEASE REVIEW: This article has been updated for Ivo v20.1.3 released on Monday 20-Jan-2020.  If you have read this article previously please review it again to discover changes and features that have been added to Ivo.  Features that have changed are notated with - * Updated in v20.1.3


DEX data collection for the DRC funding is now enabled.


Ivo now supports the collection and reporting of Partnership Approach data.  

Client fields -

Client Assessments -

The New Assessment window -

* Updated in v20.1.3

The New Assessment window now has appropriate column headings for each of the SCORE types (Circumstances, Goals, and Satisfaction).

Additionally, the current row in the table is highlighted as you move the mouse, and selected cells are also highlighted to make them easier to identify.

Assessments can also be created/edited using a dropdown list interface -

To change the editing mode, simply right-click a blank area of the form to display the menu -


There are two new items in the "File Note Options" menu -

These options enable you to view all attachments or assessments in a focussed list.  For example, viewing all attachments looks like this -


* New in v20.1.3

The suburb data in Ivo was created many years ago. Suburbs do change over time, however in the present day, Australia Post licensing of suburb data restricts us from simply importing updated data.  Therefore, there is now an option on the Ivo Administration tab to edit suburb data -

Australia Post licensing does allow for individual organisations to purchase the suburb data (currently $75) and in the future Ivo will be updated to enable the importing of the suburb data, should your organisation choose to purchase it.