2020 - May

NACAP - OPAN Priority Data Set supported

NOTE: Requires manual import of the new stats and configuration of funding sources.

DEX - Uploading SCORE reporting now works

The issue with uploading Assessments/SCOREs has been resolved and they can now be included in the DEX upload.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have manually added Assessments/SCOREs to your clients in the DEX itself, then please contact us before uploading them from Ivo.

DEX - Select which Partnership Approach fields to display

For DRC funding, the Department has advised that only the Homeless Indicator and NDIS Eligibility fields from the Partnership Approach are expected (though the other fields may be collected if desired of course).  Ivo now supports selecting which fields should be displayed in the client's record.

The simplest way to access the settings is to search for "dex" at the top of the settings page -

DEX - Set customised column headings for the Assessment/SCORE form

Customised column headings can now be set on the Assessment/SCORE form.  If you would like to take advantage of this feature, please log a support request with the headings you would like and we will configure your Ivo for you.

DEX - Anonymous vs Identified vs Unidentified clients, and new options for processing Inquiries

The DEX report help page has been updated to include details of the differences between anonymous, identified, and unidentified clients, in the context of the DEX, and in particular, inquiry records.  Please ensure you are familiar with this information when running the DEX report and choosing which settings to use for your report.  The DEX report help page can be accessed from the DEX Export screen in Ivo as well -

Please also note the new options that have been added to the "Process Inquiries" settings of the DEX report.  These are detailed in the help page.

Other changes and fixes

  • DEX - the statistical linkage key is now correctly generated for intersex clients
  • The "Save As" button on the "Reports" screen works correctly again -

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