This error can occur where Ivo is being accessed remotely, and is related to staff not ending their remote sessions - they 'disconnect', instead of 'logging off', and they leave Ivo still running in the disconnected session.

If only one person is experiencing this error, while others are able to logon to Ivo normally, then;

  1. Use the Windows "Task Manager" to close any running Ivo processes and the try Ivo again.

If this error still occurs, then try restarting the computer.

If the error still occurs, or if it is occurring for more than one person then;

  1.  Have everyone close Ivo.

  2.  Once everyone has closed Ivo, have one person only try to logon;
    1. If they can, then it is all good and all staff can logon to Ivo.

    2. If they can't, then keep everyone out of Ivo and have your IT support;
      1. Connect to the remote desktop server and close any Ivo processes that are running (they will know what this means). After that, it should be fine again. If not, then go to next step.

      2. If there is no remote desktop server, then it means someone has an Ivo process still running. Try connecting to the file server upon which the Ivo data file resides and removing any file locks to the data file (Ivo_Data.ivo).

      3. If that still doesn't work, then have every use restart their computer (this would be a last resort; we've never had to have a client do it).


To prevent this error from occurring please educate all staff, particularly remote staff, to close Ivo when they have finished using it for the day.