1. The Ivo data cannot be stored in a drive or folder that is being synchronised with a file sync service such as DropBox, Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive.
  2. It is strongly recommended that the "Previous Versions"/"ShadowCopy" function of Windows be switched off for the Ivo data location.  While it is rare, this function is known to potentially cause corruption in the Ivo data file.

Setting up the Ivo data location structure

The Ivo software uses a Microsoft Jet database as its data store (ie. the same data store used by Microsoft Access).  This is a file-based database system and as such, there is no server-side software to be installed (we do however install the Ivo client application on the server to make administering the database simpler).

1. Create the Ivo data location. For example -

  • \\server\Ivo\
  • C:\Data\Ivo\
  • etc.

2. Create the following folder structure in the newly created Ivo data location -

  • \LIVE
  • \LIVE\1024
  • \LIVE\1024\Updates
  • \TEST


3. Download the latest installer, update and base configuration file and save them to the Updates folder that was created in Step 2.

4. Edit the base configuration file and change the 'DataLocation' value to be the location created in Step 1. 

The base configuration file is copied to the client computer when Ivo is installed, so this setting needs to be something that is accessible by the client computer.  A UNC is recommended, but a mapped network drive can also be used.

5. Download the multi-database configuration file and save it to the <Ivo Data Location> created in Step 1.  Edit the multi-database configuration file with the correct file locations.

6. Download the blank Ivo data file and save it in "<Ivo Data Location>\LIVE" created in Step 2. Rename the file to be "Ivo_Data.ivo" and then copy it to "<Ivo Data Location>\TEST".

Note, this file is an empty Ivo data file.  It will work, but won't contain any customisations required for your organisation.  Those will be completed in due course).

To install Ivo on a user's computer, see the article 'Installing the Ivo software on a computer'