1. On a client PC, open a Windows Explorer (or, 'My Computer') window and navigate to "<Ivo Data Location>\LIVE\1024\Updates".

The "Ivo Data Location" is different in each organisation as it depends entirely on your organisation's own unique infrastructure.  If you do not know the location, you may submit a support request with us as 1024 maintains a record of how Ivo is configured in your organisation.

2. Run the 'Ivo_Setup_x.x.xx.exe' file.

This will install the software, copy the base configuration file to the client PC, automatically load the latest update, and finally run the program.

NOTE: If more than one setup file is present, use the most recent one. Any later updates will install automatically.

3. Run the 'Ivo_Upgrade_xxxxxx.exe' file

There should only be one upgrade file, which will be that of the latest Ivo update that has been installed by the organisation.  If for some reason there is more than one upgrade file, then use the file with the highest version.

4. When the Ivo login screen appears, Ivo is successfully installed. Click the 'Cancel' button.