The 1024 Helpdesk has a section for Forums.  

There are two forums available -

  • Announcements - Important news relating to 1024 and Ivo, such as new staff, release of new Ivo update etc.

  • Discussions - For discussing aspects of Ivo (such as funding body requirements and how to best incorporate them into Ivo), requesting a specific feature for Ivo etc.

The forums enable a discussion to take place about a topic.  You don't have to be logged-in (or even registered), to view the forums and read individual topics.  You must however, be registered and logged-in to post a comment in the discussions.

You can access the forums at any time of course, to review what topics have been created and to read the discussion.  However a useful option is to "Follow" forums and/or topics that are of interest.  If you "Follow" a forum, you will receive an email notification whenever a new topic is created.  If you "Follow" an individual topic, you will receive an email notification whenever a new comment is posted in the topic.  

Note, posting a comment in a topic does not automatically set you as following that topic.

To follow a forum or topic, open it, then click the "Follow" button as shown below.