To delete a record, first you will need to have administrative access in Ivo. 

Once logged in, please follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the “Gear” icon in the top left corner of the Ivo window.

  2. Click on “Delete Records” – this will, at first, show you a blank page.

  3. Type in a key word that you would like to use to search for the record or entry that you would like to delete. In this example, we choose the name "Mary” as the key word and this will bring up all records that has the name "Mary” in it.  

    Note: You can use Entity and Activity ID numbers to find the exact record you want to delete.

    Note: If you use two or more search words, Ivo will search for the whole phrase entered. 

  4. Select the entry that you would like to delete.

TIP:  You can use a "Record ID" to specifically search for an activity that you would like to delete. 

To find out how to obtain an Ivo Activity or Entity ID, please click here.

CAUTION:  Please be mindful of the "Record Type".  

Please note that this function will delete ALL related data (including file notes) and cannot be undone. 

1024 cannot guarantee that data that was accidentally deleted can be restored or retrieved.


     5. Click the ‘Delete Selected Record” button in the toolbar.

     6. A pop up window will appear for confirmation before the record will be deleted.