When using the Find function, by default, Ivo starts searching while you type. When just searching for an entity for example, this works well because there aren't nearly as many entity records, and the name field is quite small, so the search is quick.

However, in organisations that have lots of file notes, searching the file notes can take a long time because;

(a), there are a lot of them, and (b), the notes themselves tend to be quite large. 

Added to this, with the default settings, a search happens with every keystroke. There are two settings in Ivo that help with this.

  • "Delay before starting search" - This setting will wait the set number of milliseconds before starting the automatic search. It waits to see if another keystroke is pressed within that amount of time, and if so, it resets the timer and starts counting again. 

    So this gives more time to type several keystrokes, a whole word or a phrase before the search automatically starts, and therefore. only one search takes place, rather than a search with every keystroke. 

    Each staff member can play around with the setting to see what works for them - 500ms = 1/2 a second and should work pretty well, but even 1000ms (a full second) would be reasonable too.

  • "Automatically find while typing" - If changing the "delay" setting doesn't help, then simply change this setting to "No" to turn off the auto-search functionality completely.

    There are two other settings under the Find Settings heading;

  • Show Border - The appearance of the search control may seem a little unusual.  This is because of the way it dynamically changes size as you type, and after selecting an entity.  If the appearance is disconcerting, you can turn on the border which frames the control clearly.

  • Minimum characters before search starts - This setting means that regardless of the "Delay" setting above, Ivo will not do any searches until the minimum number of characters has been entered.  Again, this significantly reduces the number of searches taking place and the number of results returned.

Note - These settings are "per user", so each staff member can set them how they wish.