Ivo provides three different tools for extracting data.  It is important to note that these functions can all be added to and customised, in some manner.  You can contact 1024 if you have reporting or data requirements additional to what is presented.


Reports are a highly customised way of presenting information.  In particular they are used for drawing together all the information required by a funding body.  However, we can also develop reports specific to your organisation, such as KPI reports for your board.


The Statistics function is used to analyse the statistical data that is completed by staff for each client they work with.  Please remember that the statistical items in Ivo are highly customisable, and can be used for gathering many different kinds of information.  If there is any kind of information that you wish to collect, that Ivo doesn't currently gather, then please contact us so that we can assist you.


Whereas Ivo reports are preset and have very little ability for 'on-the-fly' customisation, Ivo queries on the other-hand are extremely flexible.  If Ivo collects it, queries can be used to extract it.  If you would like to know the average time spent resolving client issues, or the total number of hours logged by staff, collated by the type of work?  Ivo can do those and much more.