The 'Quick Search' field on the Manage Clients and New File Note screens makes it easy to search for the Entity Name you are looking for.

Simply click in the field and type the text you want to search for.

This new function has significant advantages over the previous 'drop-down' list;

  • Like the 'Find' screen, this Quick Search function searches multiple fields - Entity ID, Client Code, Also Known As and Date of Birth (yes, you can type in a date and any entities with a matching date of birth will be displayed!)

  • Like the 'Find' screen, all parts of these fields are searched - thus, in the picture above, searching for 'an' finds 'Angela', 'Bana' and 'Gillian'

  • The drop-down list was quite slow to load the names from the database when there were a large number of names (over about 10,000).  The Quick Search field doesn't have any speed issues.