v3.9.13 of Ivo introduced a new 'Quick Search' field on the Manage Clients screen -


Simply click in the field and type the text you want to search for.

This new function has significant advantages over the previous 'dropdown' list -

  • Like the 'Find' screen, this Quick Search function searches multiple fields - Entity ID, Client Code, Also Known As and Date of Birth (yes, you can type in a date and any entities with a matching date of birth will be displayed!)
  • Like the 'Find' screen, all parts of these fields are searched - thus, in the picture above, searching for 'an' finds 'Angela', 'Bana' and 'Gillian'
  • The dropdown list was quite slow to load the names from the database when there were a large number of names (over about 10,000).  The Quick Search field doesn't have any speed issues.