It is possible to setup Ivo to access more than one Ivo data file (for testing purposes for example).

If this has been done in your organisation, it is important to note that when Ivo is started normally (ie. by double-clicking the Ivo icon on the desktop, or single-clicking the Ivo icon on the start menu or taskbar), the default behaviour is always to load the primary data file for your organisation.

Accessing other Ivo data files (eg. test or archived data files) is a two-step process.  This is a deliberate process to ensure an alternative data file cannot be accessed by mistake.

To access an alternative Ivo data file;

  1. Hold the <ctrl> key on your keyboard while starting Ivo, and keep holding the <ctrl> key until the following screen appears.

  2. By default, the "Live" option is selected.  This is the primary data file for the organisation.  To choose another data file, click the 'drop-down arrow' and choose the data file you wish to access.

  3. Once you have chosen the file you wish to access, click the 'OK' button to proceed.

  4. When Ivo has opened, the 'Title Bar' of the window also shows the name of the alternate data file.