There are three ways that Ivo checks for available updates -

  1. From the Ivo Administration tab

    Click the small cog icon in the top-left corner of the Ivo screen to access the Ivo Administration tab, then click the "Check for Update" button -

  2. Automatically when Ivo starts

    By default, Ivo will automatically check for an update whenever an Ivo Administrator opens Ivo -

    This is a global setting, so if it is set to 'No', then Ivo will never check for updates regardless of settings for individuals -

    The "Check for Ivo update every x days" controls how often Ivo performs the check when an Ivo Administrator is opening Ivo.  A setting of 0 (zero) will disable the automatic check for that staff member.

  3. A startup command for IT support

    Create a new icon for the Ivo Launcher application (\Program Files (x86)\1024\IvoLauncher\LaunchIvo.exe) and add /checkforupdate to the command line.

The three options all run the same function.  If an update is found, the download screen will appear -

  1. More information about the changes can be provided, including hyperlinks to webpages.
  2. Explicit instructions, including appropriate and contextual warnings (for example, the "Ivo is currently in use!" warning will only be displayed if that is the case)
  3. The download is specifically worded to encourage you to be cautious.  Please ONLY download an update if you are sure that Ivo is not in use and, if you have a remote access server, that you have sufficient network security privileges (which are completely separate to Ivo) to update the remote access server.  If you have a remote access server, you will need to login to it and run Ivo in order to install the update on the server.
  4. You can skip an update, which means that update won't be notified to you again.  You will only get another notification when there is a newer update available.