It is your responsibility to ensure Ivo will operate within your IT environment, and in accordance with your needs, prior to purchase.  To facilitate this, Ivo is available on a trial basis for 30 days (longer can be provided if required)

Base requirements -

  1. A Microsoft Windows based network and computers. Ivo works with all versions of Windows from XP to 10 (excluding Windows 10 'S' or 'S-Mode').
  2. You are responsible for maintaining appropriate backups of your Ivo data.
  3. An internet connection is required.
  4. For remote access –
    Important note: remote access is a part of your general IT infrastructure and its implementation and ongoing management is the responsibility of your organisation and IT provider.
    1. Remote Desktop software (if you don't have a Remote Desktop Services server, 1024 can provide a list of 3rd-party solutions);
    2. Broadband access in all sites requiring remote access (a minimum actual download speed of 256kbps is recommended);
    3. The computer used as the Remote Desktop Services (RDS) server may require additional memory to be purchased and installed, which you would need to organise through your usual IT provider;
    4. A broadband modem/router that can be configured to forward RDS data to the RDS server;
    5. A static IP address for the office that has the RDS server is recommended.  Some Internet Service Providers (ISPs) charge extra fees for this.  Please check with you ISP for more details;
    6. Printing for computers using remote access has its own particular requirements. Please ensure you discuss this with your IT provider;
    7. You are responsible for ensuring your office has appropriate internet security for protecting your data.

Using Ivo in the Cloud

Ivo can be installed on a cloud-based server (such as Microsoft Azure), and accessed by RDP, or as a RemoteApp. Please note, Microsoft provides offers to not-for-profit organisations which may include free services. Register here for further details.

For accessing Sharepoint or OneDrive data from within Ivo (for attaching files to file notes), we recommend either -

Backing-up the Ivo data

The entire Ivo data file folder structure must be included in the backup process.  Ivo stores critical files in the sub-folders, including settings and file attachments.


  1. The Ivo data cannot be stored in a drive or folder that is being synchronised with a two-way file sync service such as DropBox, Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive. A one-way file sync (for backing up for example) will work, however we have found this often slows down Ivo because such systems generally sync data files every time a change is detected, which with a multi-user system like Ivo, is typically every few minutes.
  2. It is strongly recommended that the "Previous Versions"/"ShadowCopy" function of Windows be switched off for the Ivo data location.  While it is rare, this function is known to potentially cause corruption in the Ivo data file.  Other backup products with similar functionality (that run regular backups of changed files throughout the work day) may cause similar issues.
    1. If this cannot be avoided on the organisation's main file server, we recommend storing the Ivo data file on another device, such as a virtual server with ShadowCopy disabled.
  3. We do not currently support the use of Ivo over VPN connections without the use of the RDP protocol.
  4. Use of tablets such as a Microsoft Surface tablet, where the Ivo software is installed directly on the device, is not supported and not recommended.  Such devices regularly enter a 'sleep' mode which ends the connection Ivo has with its data file and Ivo is not currently able to automatically reconnect.  As of Oct 2019 this is in the process of being implemented within Ivo, but is not yet complete.

Please read the article "How Ivo is configured in an organisation" for further information.