It is very important that all advocates ensure their data is as complete as possible before the DEX report is sent to the department.

To do this, click the “Show DEX Tools” button on the “Work” tab

Then proceed through each of the four DEX review screens 

1.  Client Review Screen

2.  Case Review Screen

3.  NDIS "Appeal Type" Review Screen

4.  Region Review Screen (under construction)

5.  NDAP Topic Review Screen

6.  Referrals Review Screen (under construction)

7.  Service Type Review Screen

8.  Interpreter Present Review Screen (under construction)

9.  Service Setting Review Screen (under construction)

10.  Records Without File Notes Screen (under construction)

11. Clients Without SCOREs Screen

... and complete as much data as possible. 

While this may seem a lot of work, each screen has been specifically designed around a single task and is fast and efficient for that task.  This was deemed a better approach than creating a few very complex screens that would each handle multiple tasks.

Note - These instructions refer to the latest version of Ivo, v22.1.0