A new "Appeal Type" field has been added to client advocacy issues. This field will only be visible if the selected funding source is an NDAP or NDIS Appeals related funding source -

To assist you to be able to set a large number of records at once, a new "DEX NDIS Appeal Type Review" function has been added -

This works in the same manner as the "DEX Service Type Review" screen, so it should hopefully be familiar to you. You can use the various options at the top of the screen to determine which client advocacy records will be displayed. The "Title Filter" field is a new option that allows you to enter a word or phrase to further filter the results. So, if you were to type the word "appeal" in the "Title Filter" field, and then press the "Enter" key, only advocacy issues that have the word "appeal" in their title would be returned.

When you have finished identifying the records that are NDIS Appeals, you can use the new "DSS DEX Quarterly Table" function to view the results that can then be entered into the spreadsheet provided to you by the DSS -

Additionally, on any "query results table" you can right click and access a new "NDIS Appeals" sub-menu to be able to immediately set the "Appeal Type" for an individual record, or even for all records in a table -