The first review screen, Client Review, deals with updating all the mandatory fields and vital information of a client. When you click on the DEX Client Review option in the toolbar, you will be able to see the below output -

You are shown two types - “Key Data Required” and “Non-essential data missing”. While the former can consist of data in red and orange fields, the latter will only consist of orange fields. 

1. Key Data Required

The red “clients”, for example Brian May in the screenshot below, have red data fields. These are mandatory. Without them the client cannot be uploaded to the DEX.  The mandatory fields are the client's Name, Gender, Date of Birth, and Location.

Click the blue underlined link for a field to update it.

See "2. Non-essential data missing" below regarding the orange-coloured fields.

2. Non-essential data missing

In this section, you will only find the orange fields.  While these fields aren't strictly mandatory, in so far as the client can still be uploaded to the DEX if one or more of them is missing, it is important to note that the department expects as much of this data to be completed as possible, and they do chase up organisations that have a lot of clients with this data missing.

For example, the client Billy Bob has seven fields from Country of Birth to Has Carer not updated.  Click the blue underlined link for a field to update it.

Once you are done with this screen, move on to the next review function - Service Type Review.