The second review screen, Service Type Review, deals with updating the Service Type of all the client file notes.

At first, you will be able to see this screen upon clicking the DEX Service Type Review on the toolbar, which does not consist of any results. 

You need to go to Select Funding Sources and click on the checkbox beside each funding source listed.  

If you have any version of Ivo up to v3.12.7, you have to go through this process for each funding source one at a time.  From v3.13 onwards, you can select more than one funding source at a time.

The Jan-2020 update of Ivo, v20.1.1 or later, now includes the new DRC funding source, as seen in the Select Funding Sources selection box.

In the screenshot above, the Advocate Meg Ryan needs to select a Service Type for the client Michael Douglas. All that needs to be done is to make a selection from the drop down list of which Service Type to apply to the funding type.

Likewise, if you click on Show completed file notes on the right, you will be able to see all the previously completed file notes.

Also, there is a button Set All as Default Service Type in the Options section of the screen, which you can click to have Advocacy/Support as the service type.  However, this option should only be clicked if that is the case.

Once you are done with this screen, you can move on to the final review function i.e. NDAP Topic Review.