The third review screen, NDAP Topic, deals with updating the NDAP Topic of all the client cases.

At first, you will be able to see this screen upon clicking DEX "NDAP Topic Review" on the toolbar, which does not consist of any results.

Go to “Select Funding Sources” box and click on the checkbox besides NDAP. 

You will see by the unticked boxes in the "OK" column the cases which NDAP Topic has not been actioned off.

Here, you can see that two cases have not had their NDAP Topic "selected". Start with the first case, Bob Hoskins, which is shown below. 

Once you click on a particular NDAP Topic and proceed to the next case, it gets actioned off and the “OK” checkbox besides the case is ticked as shown below.

You have now completed the first step in DEX Reporting i.e. getting all the data updated from the Review screens. 

You can now move on to running the report so that it can be uploaded to the DEX portal.