A DEX report contains your organisation's data to be uploaded to the DSS Data Exchange (DEX). It is due by the end of both January and July each year, for the preceding six months. 

It is useful to note that you can submit DEX reports as often as you like during a period (each month for example), and you can also resubmit the same data as many times as required.  This does not create duplicated data in the DEX, but rather updates the data in the DEX with any changes that may have occurred (for example, if a client's date of birth has been updated, or their locality has changed).

Note that you cannot submit data for a period prior to the current reporting period. That is, if the current reporting period is Jan-Jun 2018, you cannot submit data from Dec-2017.

There are three main steps to complete your DEX report -

1 - Review your organisation's data - all staff employed under DEX-reportable funding streams need to review the data for their clients.

2 - Generate the DEX report in Ivo - once all staff have reviewed their client data, the person responsible for completing the DEX report needs to generate the report in Ivo, and then ....

3 - Upload the report to the DEX website