1.  Login to the DEX website using your AusKey 

2.  Click the "Uploaded files" link

3.  Click the "Upload New File" button

(please note that the date fields on this screen do not need to be changed)

4.  Click the "Choose file" button

5.  A standard "Open file ..." dialog box will be displayed. Navigate to the folder where the DEX report produced by Ivo is located, which will most likely be the Windows "Desktop" (if you clicked "yes" to the question asking if you wanted to copy the file there)

6.  The file you chose to upload will now be listed on the screen -

(a)  The status will be displayed as "Pending".  It usually takes 5-15 minutes for the file to be processed, depending on the size of the file, how busy the site is, and so on.

(b)  You need to click the "Go" button to refresh the status.  Eventually the status will be updated to either "Successful", or "Failed".  

If the status is "Failed", do not worry, there is usually a very simple reason and we will help you with it.  Also, you will find that even if just one record has been rejected, the status will still be displayed as "Failed", even though all other records will have been accepted into the DEX.

Please see the "Resolving a Failed DEX Upload" article for further information.