Note - You must be an Ivo Administrator to create an Auditor profile.

The Auditor function enables you to give an Auditor access to specific Ivo records.  The records cannot be edited by the Auditor and contact information is hidden by default.  There is no access to any other Ivo functions. 

1. Go to the Ivo Administration tab at the top of the screen. 

2. Click on the Staff button.

3. Then click the Add Staff Member button on the toolbar ribbon.

When you encounter the additional Ivo licenses notice, just continue by clicking on Yes. Creating an Auditor user does not require an Ivo license.

Create Auditor record

The New Staff Member dialog box will open for you to fill in the details such as Name, Start Date and any other details that are important for your organisation. 

In the Privileges drop-down list, select Auditor and Save and Close.

Go to the Auditor Settings tab, click the Data to Get hyperlink and select the data that will be audited from the drop down list. 

Choose what type of data to get for the auditor

Different settings will be displayed depending which you choose.

  • All Records That Meet Criteria - All records that meet the criteria will be shown to the auditor.

  • Full Entity Records - The auditor will see the full service history of the clients you specify, however the service history is restricted by any other criteria you set.

  • Individual Activity Records - You will specify which individual activity records the auditor will be shown.


  • Program - Records will be restricted to the chosen program / funding source

  • Date Start / Date End - Only records falling within the specified date range will be shown

  • Minimum Duration - Only records whose file notes total a duration greater than this setting will be displayed

  • View Contact Details - Determines whether or not the auditor can see the client's contacts and contact details

  • View Restricted Records - Determines whether or not the auditor can view 'restricted' records.  As of Jul-2019, Ivo has the option to restrict access to specific records based on funding source.  If this option is set to yes, the auditor will be able to view such records.  This is turned off by default.

  • Entity IDs / Activity IDs - The ID numbers of the specific clients or activities that the auditor can view. You must use a comma to separate the ID numbers.  The format is "41,47,105,123,134" (without the quotes).