Go to www.1024.com.au

In the session code box at the bottom of the page, type "<the code sent to you>" (without the quotes), then click the "Join" button.

A small program will be downloaded.  

  • If you are using Google Chrome, the download progress will appear at the bottom-left corner of the screen.  When it is finished, click the file, then click "Run"

  • If you are using Firefox, a dialog box should appear asking if you want to save the file - click the "Save File" button.  The download progress will then be shown in the "blue arrow download icon" at the top-right of the Firefox window.  When the download has finished, click on the blue arrow, then click the downloaded file.

In either case, a program called "ISL Light Client" will run.  It will look like it wants you to enter the session code again, but this is not necessary.  Windows may ask "Do you want to allow the program 'ISL Light Client' to make changes to the computer?" If it does, click 'Yes'.

After a few moments the computers will be connected.