Please note - the DEX test environment that 1024 has access to may be slightly different than the live environment.  If you find the below instructions are not entirely correct please let us know (by sending an email to so that we can update these instructions.

To add a new Activity (eg. Disability Royal Commission - Advocacy Support) to the DEX -

  1. Logon to the DEX

  2. Click "Manage Organisation" -

  3. Add the Disability Royal Commission program (unfortunately, our test site appears differently for this step so we are unable to provide a screen shot)

  4. Click the outlet you wish to add the activity to (eg. "Hobart" in this picture) -

  5. Click the "Add Activity" button -

  6. Complete the fields on the "Add Activity" screen, then click the "Save" button

  7. The new activity must then be approved by the department -

    Approval typically takes 3-4 business days and you will receive an email from the department once approval is given.

    It is then necessary to send the "Organisation activity and outlet data" file to 1024 so that your Ivo can be configured correctly (but this must only be done after approval has been given so that the necessary configuration information has been added to the file).