1. How is data in Ivo transferred to the DEX?

At any time during the reporting period, and for one month after, you can upload your data to the DEX. The basic process is simply -

  1. Have all staff ensure their data in Ivo is complete and correct
  2. Use Ivo to generate the 'bulk upload' file
  3. Upload the file to the DEX

2. Are client names uploaded to the DEX?

No. This is another benefit of using a third-party system like Ivo - all client data can be anonymous. Whereas, if you use the free system provided by the DSS, clients names are mandatory.

3. Do we need to manually enter our clients into the DEX?

No. You simply enter data into Ivo as normal. All necessary data is transferred to the DEX through the 'bulk upload' file (see question 1 above)