The Department has changed the list of allowable "service types" for the NDIS Appeals program and "Advocacy/Support" is no longer available.  There was no advice provided by the department that this change was coming, and was only discovered when clients attempted to upload data to the DEX.

The Nov-2019 update to Ivo makes the necessary changes, however any file notes added to Ivo after 1st July that used the "Advocacy/Support" service type for an NDIS Appeals advocacy issue, need to be changed.  

We have implemented a very simple way to resolve this quite quickly, using the "Appeal Type" field that was added in April 2018 for the sudden data request the department made at that time.

Use the "NDIS Appeals Type Review" screen to set the Appeal Type (Internal or External) for all NDIS Appeals records as shown in the screenshot below.

Ivo will then fix the affected file notes.  This process only needs to be completed once as new file notes created won't be able to use the "Advocacy / Support" service type.