Ivo's layout can be customised for your particular organisational or individual requirements.  

1. To change the general settings of Ivo you will need to go to the "Help and Support" tab at the top of the screen.

2. Then select the "My Preferences" button on the toolbar to view the list of general settings that can be changed.

Settings that can be changed include;

Default Activity Type - This setting will set which activity types are viewed first in the "What to manage" list when "Manage Activities" is selected on the toolbar as shown in the image below. The default in this case has been changed to "Inquiry".

Default export format for query results - This sets the query report format. In Ivo the default is set to xls which is the MS Excel format as highlighted in yellow in the image below.

Show ribbon sub-menus as labels - A yes/no option to show the options on the ribbon toolbars function groups. If no is selected then it will show the function groups label with no options within the group.

Which contacts to show in Client Details tab - Select the contacts information from the dropdown list that you want displayed in the Manage Clients screen.