Outcome data is collected using the SCORE assessment (Standard Client/Community Outcomes Reporting) to gain better insight about client outcomes from services provided by organisations such as advocacy services that are participating in the "Partnership Approach". 

The new SCORE Assessments feature has been added to Ivo in the latest update, (v.20.1.1). To begin using the SCORE assessments function, there will need to be at least one existing file note created for the client. 

You will need to go to any screen within Ivo where you can view file notes such as the "Manage Clients", "Manage Activities" or the "Check My Data" screens which can be accessed via the "Work" tab buttons on the toolbar ribbon, as shown below.

(See the screenshot below) 

If you go to the "Service History" tab (1) within the "Manage Clients" screen, go down to the "File Notes" tab (2) at the bottom of the screen, right click the file note to assess and select "New DEX Assessment (SCORE)" (3).  

The same process will be used to view the file notes from the "All File Notes" tab, and selecting the file note to assess.

If you are using the "Check My Data" screen, go to the "File Notes" tab and the same process will apply of right clicking the file note to assess.

When the "New Assessment" dialog box opens it will reveal the SCORE Assessment. The drop down lists at the top left hand side of the box labelled "Assessment Phase" (pre-service and post-service assessments) and "Assessment By" (client, support person etc) need to be completed before you save and close the assessment box.

The SCORE assessment is based on a scale rating. Tick the appropriate box to rate the specified question. 

When the assessment is complete with all boxes ticked in the appropriate scale, click the "Save and Close" button at the bottom of the screen. The completed assessment can be viewed by right clicking and selecting the "View DEX Assessment (SCORE)" which will reopen the assessment window.


This function has been introduced in the latest update of Ivo, version 20.1.1,  released January 2020.