If your DEX upload results in a "Failed" status, the first thing is to not worry - there is usually a very simple reason and we will help you with it.  Usually the problem with just a few records, but unfortunately, even if just one record is rejected, the status is still shown as "failed", even though all other records will have been accepted into the DEX.

To manage a failed upload, first click the name of the file that has the "failed" status -

... to view the details of the upload -

Note how many records were successful or failed.  In this example, just 3 sessions (ie file notes) failed and were rejected.  All other data was accepted and uploaded.

If you wish to investigate further, or wish to request support from 1024, please click the "File report" link to download a .CSV file that will provide details of the error -

Attach this file to the support request you send to 1024 - we are unable to assist without this file.