Ivo's Reports are a highly customised way of presenting information.  In particular they are used for drawing together all the information required by a funding body.  However, we can also develop reports specific to your organisation, such as KPI reports for your board.

To access Ivo's reporting features;

1.   Go to the Reporting tab at the top of the screen and click on the Reports button on toolbar ribbon.

2.   You will see the Select Report tab where you can choose from the Report drop down list, the specific report you are using, in this case the 'NDAP Annual Performance Report' has been selected. To add other report options to the drop down list, you need to contact 1024 support to make a request. 

There are various reports that can be generated in Ivo for your organisations requirements. You may need to provide KPI reports to your board committee, a report on a funding activity or to fulfill a reporting requirement for the Department of Health Services in your state.

1024 is able to write specific reports for your organisations individual requirements, however they are billed at an extra cost to your Ivo licensing inclusions.

3.   The Advocate drop down list gives you the options of reporting by All advocates or by individual advocates. This will create the report based on an individuals workload or a collective workload by all advocate staff.

4.    The Multiplier field is a number of times that each record will show up in the report.  

5.   The Start Date and End Date fields are where you will enter the date range for the reporting period you are seeking. 

6.   The Region drop down list selects a particular cardinal direction of the organisations area of service.

For the next steps in running the report after you have gone through the selection process, 

see the Reporting - Running and Viewing the Report