Once you have made the selections in the Reports screen, you are ready to run and view the report.

1.   Still in the Reports screen, click on the Run Report button on the toolbar to create the report.

2.   Once the Report has been run, you will see the View Report tab appear next to the Select Report tab. The Report will also appear as it will look when you are ready to print. 

3.    To utilise the Report functions as shown click on the icon for the function required. The first icon is the Table of Contents.   This will organise the report into a Contents list that you can use to jump to a specific section of the report instead of having to scroll through to find what you're looking for.  

4.  Another option for searching for a specific item within your report is the Find feature (seen above as the Binoculars icon).  Simply click the icon and it will open the Find dialog box where you can type the specific item into the Find What field and select whether you want to match the whole words and/or match the case of the word/s for a more specific search. 

Choose the Direction of the search, click on the Find Next button and the search will locate the term you have entered.

5.   To Print the report, you can click the print icon as shown below which will open the Print dialog box to select your printing settings etc. Alternatively, you can click on the Print button on the toolbar ribbon at the top of the Report screen.

You can select how many pages to view at the same time while you're viewing your report on the computer screen. By clicking on the Multiple Pages icon as shown below, it will drop down a table with up to six (2x3) pages to view on the screen at once. 

To scroll through the pages of the report, you can use the Up and Down arrows next to the page number field,  as with the Forward and Back buttons next to them. They will jump through the pages to the desired page you are looking for.