When an activity record is first created, the Status is set to 'Open'.  This is so the record will be listed in your Current Activities or Current Clients lists. 

To change the Status of an activity you will need to be in the clients screen in Manage Clients, Check My Data or Manage Activities screen.

Click on the Service Type tab under the clients name and select the specific Activity you wish to change the status of. You will see the activity open in the bottom half of the screen.   Click on the Status hyperlink which will open 

When you have selected the Close this record option, it will open the Close 'Activity' screen for the client.   You will need to complete all the fields in the left hand side of the box.   If you can't complete the details right away, you will be allowed to 'Save and Close' what details you have entered so far and come back to it later. 

On the right hand side of the above screen (as shown below) you will need to fill in the Statistics for the clients; 

  • Location 
  • Cultural background 
  • Primary disability 
  • Other significant disabilities 
  • Primary advocacy model 
  • Category/type of issue and 
  • Outcome.  

Don't forget to Save and Close your work, or Cancel to start over again.

Ivo won't automatically remove a client from the client list immediately after closing a record.  One of the reasons for this is so their record can still be easily referred to for a while, if needed.  

However, you can force Ivo to refresh the current screen by clicking the refresh button at the top-left of the screen as shown below.