Ivo's Date Settings can be configured by any user to automatically input the previous year in a December date range, if the day/month is entered in January of the next year. 

For instance, if you are creating a file note in January-2020 and post dating it for an activity from December of the previous year, you could enter the date as 12-Dec and Ivo will interpret that you mean the date from last year, which in this case would create the date as 12-Dec-2019. 

To change the date settings you will need to go to the Help and Support tab at the top of the screen and click on the My Preferences button on the toolbar.

Under the Date Settings heading you will find the 'December Dates entered in January should be previous year' option with a drop down arrow to select Yes or No. 

The next two settings control for how long in the current year this will occur, and for which months of the previous year the change will be made. As shown in the screenshot above, the '12' represents the 12th month being December, which is the month that the dates will be fixed for in the previous year. 

The next setting represents which month of the current year that the settings will occur in. In this case, the '1' represents the first month being January, so it will be the only month that the new settings will occur in. You can change these settings by adding in the number that represents the month of the year such as '2' for February, '3' for March and so on.