When a client first contacts your service seeking support, that contact initiates the requirement for a Waiting List Record, which as it suggests, is a list of clients who are waiting to be accepted for service by your organisation.  

To start the process of a Waiting List Record, the advocate/staff member will need some basic information about the client, such as name, their approved funding entitlement, the date of the contact and what the issue is about.

To open a record you will need to go to the Work tab at the top of the screen and click on the Create New Item button on the toolbar ribbon to view the drop down list options. You will find the Waiting List Record as seen below in the screenshot.

The New Waiting List Record dialog box will open for you to fill in the details of the clients name, an Activity Title that gives enough information for other staff to understand what the clients issue is about. 

Select the Funding Source and enter the date the record was created in the Date Opened field. When you have finished entering the details, click Save and Close.

Once you have saved the record and the New Waiting List Record box closes you will be taken to the Manage Activities screen where you can view the Waiting List Record you have created. 

You will need to change the Status of the record when it is accepted or declined for service. You can give a description of the current status of the activity (to the right of the Status hyperlink) and even add file notes to the activity by going to the File Notes tab in the clients screen. 

Once a record has been accepted or declined for service, the status will need to be updated to the appropriate decision. To select a decision from the list as shown highlighted in yellow below you need to click the Status hyperlink under the clients name.

Below is an example of selecting the Accepted for Service option.  The dialog box is open and a few important fields are presented.  Each field must be filled in before you Save and Close to add the newly accepted record and commence service for the client.

You will now see the Status reflects the update of accepted for service, by closing the Waiting List Record, as shown below highlighted in yellow.