Important Notes:

  1. This article is not a comprehensive discussion regarding remote access to your office.  It is intended to be a very brief overview of the main options available and should serve merely as a basis for further detailed discussion with your IT provider, or 1024.
  2. Please note that Ivo cannot be used from either Microsoft OneDrive or Microsoft Sharepoint, or any other file-syncing service such as DropBox, Sync, Box etc.

Depending on your current configuration, enabling remote access to your office may be simple or complicated.  As 1024 does not have physical access to your office, nor are we involved with the setup or ongoing maintenance of your IT infrastructure, it is recommended that this solution be implemented by your IT provider.

There are various methods that could be used to provide functionality, again ranging from simple to more complex.  The main options are -

  1. Recommended solution - setup an existing server as a "Remote Desktop Server".  This would need to be done by your IT provider and the time to implement would need to be estimated by them.  1024 can of course provide the necessary guidance in relation to Ivo to ensure the remote access is setup correctly for Ivo (IT providers should see these articles for complete technical information relating to Ivo configuration).
    • Please note, charities can access discounted Client Access Licenses (CALs) for remote desktop services through ConnectingUp.  Unfortunately this process is not straight-forward and would need to be done by your IT provider.
  2. Alternative solution - if implementing a Remote Desktop Server is not possible or viable, the terminal server software available from ThinStuff is an effective solution, and is one that 1024 has recommended and implemented for clients in the past.  Please note it is paid software.  1024 is able to implement this solution if necessary.
  3. Your IT provider may recommend establishing a Virtual Private Network (VPN) between the remote PCs and your office network, then installing Ivo on the remote PCs and accessing the Ivo data across the VPN.  This solution is fine for working with documents, spreadsheets etc, however our experience is that it is not a viable solution for Ivo due to the amount of data that Ivo works with and has to transfer between the remote computer and the office. In this configuration Ivo is likely to perform very slowly (eg. it will often take 1-2 minutes to switch between screens).  1024 could only recommend this option as a very short-term solution if no other option was immediately viable.