When you're creating file notes in Ivo, there may be a need to go back and add or edit details of those File Notes after you have saved and closed them. 

To access a File Notes you will need to be in the Manage Activities or Manage Clients screens as shown in the red box below.

When you have located the client's name on the left hand side of the screen, click the name to open their record, then go to the All File Notes tab (as shown in the red box above) and double click on the file note or right click and select edit file note from the list . 

In the Service History tab (next to the All File Notes tab) you can go to the File Notes tab at the bottom of that screen to see a list of the file notes attached to your client's record, as seen below.  You can access the file notes to edit them in the same way of right clicking or double clicking the file note.

It will open the File Note window, shown below, and you can make the changes that you need to.  When you have finished editing the file note, simply click Close and it will automatically save any changes you have made.

You will see that the changes have taken place when you view the file note back in the client record.