There are multiple ways to add a file note to an activity.  The most basic, is from the Manage Clients screen -

  1. In the navigation panel on the left side of the Ivo window, click the client you want to add a file note to
  2. Click the "Service History" tab
  3. Click the Activity you want to add a file note to
  4. Click the "File Notes" tab in the bottom half of the Service History tab
  5. Click the "New File Note" link

The "New File Note" form is displayed -

Complete the fields then click the "Save and Close" button.

Notes -

Shortcuts for entering dates -

  • "t" for today
  • "y" for yesterday
  • "t-x" for a number of days ago.  eg. "t-3" is 3 days ago.

Shortcuts for entering times -

  • you can just enter numbers like, "9" for "9:00 AM", or "230" for "2:30 PM"
  • Ivo is very good at knowing whether to use AM or PM, however if you need to force it to be one or the other, you can enter "a" for AM or "p" for PM.  For example, "9p" would give "9:00 PM"
  • 24 hour times are also accepted.  "1630" would give "4:30 PM"
  • "n" for now (ie. the exact current time)