Three ways to gain remote access to the user's computer -

At the Ivo login screen

At Ivo login screen, click the blue "Remote Support" link

If already logged in to Ivo


Click the "Help & Support" tab at the top of the screen, then click the "Remote Support" button in the toolbar.  Please let me know when the window asking for a "Session Code" appears ... the code has 8 digits, it is   - - - -   - - - -. Click the "Join" button.

From a web browser


Open your web browser  [If the user doesn't know what a "web browser" is, ask them to "open the internet"]

In the address bar at the top of the screen type our website address, which is www ... dot 1024 ... dot com dot au, then press enter. 

[give a few moments for the website to load - it is a very light site so only takes a few seconds]

When the webpage has loaded, at the bottom of the page you will see a "remote support" section with a box asking for a session code. Click in the session code box.  The code to type in has 8 digits, it is  - - - -   - - - -. Now click the "Join" button. A small program will be downloaded to your computer.

[If they are using -]

[Chrome:] the download will appear in the bottom left corner of the chrome window. When it has finished, click it to open the program.

[Firefox:] click the blue download arrow at the top-right of the Firefox windows.  When the download is complete, click on it to run it.

[Internet Explorer or Edge:] the download will appear at the bottom centre of the window.  When prompted, choose the "Run" option