Admin Alerts are designed around staff safety. They are used to record specific information that MUST be brought to the attention of anyone who will be interacting with the client. 

The primary example is if a client has a history of violence - in such circumstances it is imperative that staff are aware of this before being in contact with the client. 

Other examples might be a history of substance abuse, an aggressive dog on the premises, or certain medical conditions, such as epilepsy, where there is a probability that you might have to deal with that condition.

* We strongly recommend using the Admin Alert function sparingly because we want it to stand out. If you used it to record general information, such as the client's history, then every client would have an Admin Alert, and the Admin Alert label would not stand out anymore.

To record an Admin Alert;

  1. Make sure you have the Work tab selected at the top of the screen

  2. Click the Manage Clients button on the toolbar

  3. Select your client's name from the My Current Clients list or search for your client in the search bar, to display the client's record

  4. Click on the client's name hyperlink at the top of the client's record to view the options list

  5. Click the Record Admin Alert option from the list.

The Record a new Admin Alert box will open and you can then add the description of the alert, record instructions for staff in the notes field and if appropriate you can also add attachments. 

Once you have entered the alert details, simply click Save and Close and the Admin Alert will be recorded.

You will now see the new "Admin Alert!" in big red letters next to your client's name at the top of their record.